COST Action E27 "Protected Forest Areas in Europe - Analysis and Harmonisation (PROFOR)": Mitarbeit in den Arbeitsgruppen 1 und 3 sowie Koordination zweier Unterarbeitsgruppen zur Geschichte von Waldschutzgebieten und zum Konzept der Naturnähe

von März 2002 bis Februar 2006


Leitung: Prof. Dr. Renate Bürger-Arndt

Bearbeitung/Kontakt: Jan Carl Welzholz

Mitarbeit: Dr. Georg Frank (BFW, Wien), Dr. Elisabeth Johann (Österreich), Dr. Jim Latham (Countryside Council for Wales), Andreas Schuck (EFI), Tim Green (EFI), Markus Lier (METLA) und die Länderdelegierten der Arbeitsgruppe 1

Förderer: European Science Foundation

Projektabhängige Publikationen

LATHAM, J., FRANK, G., FAHY, O., KIRBY, K., MILLER, H. & STIVEN, R. (Editors) (2005): COST Action E27 Protected Forest Areas in Europe - Analysis and Harmonisation (PROFOR): Reports of Signatory States. Federal Research and Training Centre for Forests, Natural Hazards and Landscape (BFW), Vienna.
FRANK, G., PARVIAINEN, J., VANDEKERKHOVE, K., LATHAM, J., SCHUCK, A., LITTLE, D. (Editors) (2007): COST Action E27 Protected Forest Areas in Europe - Analysis and Harmonisation (PROFOR): Results, Conclusions and Recommendations. Federal Research and Training Centre for Forests, Natural Hazards and Landscape (BFW), Vienna.


Protected Forest Areas, Protected Forest Area history, international Protected Area classification, naturalness


In 2002 the COST Action E27 “Protected Forest Areas in Europe – Analysis and Harmonisation” was launched to provide a better understanding of national and international distinctions of Protected Forest Areas (PFAs). With the aim to analyse and harmonise the wide range of PFA categories used in European countries within the context of existing international systems of Protected Areas, until 2006 about 100 researchers and experts from multiple disciplines, representing 25 European countries (see figure below), worked together in three Working Groups, organised as follows: WG 1 "Description and analysis of Protected Forest Areas - national dimension", WG 2 "Harmonisation and improvement of information on European Protected Forest Areas - international dimension", WG 3 "A clearing house mechanism for European Protected Forest Areas".

Working Group 1, in which R. Bürger-Arndt and J. Welzholz represented Germany, described the different sorts of PFAs that exist in the COST Action E27 countries, reviewed their current state and historical development and provided an understanding of what the differences are between them and why. The information gathered in this process was used for a thorough description and analysis of PFAs in Europe, helped Working Group 2 to formulate recommendations for the enhancement of the quality and clarity of information on PFAs at the European level and is intended to be a source of information for scientists, foresters, policy makers and conservationists at the national and international level.

The achievements of Working Group 1 were mainly made available by two project publications and two project homepages. The country reports (LATHAM et al. 2005) supply a detailed description of national Protected Area types with their historical and socio-economic background, including information on the historical development of PFAs, responsible organisations, selection criteria and representativity, inventories and monitoring and wider landscape issues. In conjunction with the elaboration of the PFA country reports, national PFA tables were compiled. They contain summary statistics on area, size, ownership, motivations for protection and management restrictions. Summarising and comparing synthesis reports on the examined issues are part of the final report of the COST Action E27 (FRANK et al. 2007). Two homepages built up by Working Group 3 provide several documents and interactive databases on PFAs produced in the course of the COST Action E27.

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The member countries of the COST Action E27

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