Dr. Hovik Sayadyan

Büsgenweg 3, Raum 224


Wissenschaftlicher Werdegang


Landscape (Spatial) planning for the preparation of “Lake Arpi-National park” Management Plan (September 2008-September 2009: WWF-Yerevan office/KfW Joint secretariat Yerevan office/Ministry of Nature Protection).

"Development of measures for a sustainable shore management of Lake Sevan (Armenia) on base of shore vegetation as bio-indicators by application of remote sensing and GIS techniques" international research project funded by Volkswagen Foundation January 2006 – January 2009.

Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences (SLU) and Armenian State Agrarian University (ASAU) co-operation project on “Forestry education reforms at ASAU”(Armenia). Project was supported by Swedish Agency for International Development (SIDA). (September 2001-December 2003)-First phase and (April 2004-December 2007)-Second phase.

“Landscape Planning on lake Sevan basin” project with consultancy of Berlin Technical University, Germany and Institute of Geography of Irkutsk, Russia and financial support from German Federal Agency for Nature Protection. (November 2006-March 2008), Armenain state agrarian university/Ministry of Nature Protection of Armenia.

“Urban and peri-urban forestry-case study Yerevan” study within FAO Forestry department thematic study “Urban and peri-urban forestry in west and central Asia: Experiences, constraints, prospects”,( April-September 2005).

"Community Based Forest Management Planning" assignment by Indufor Finnish company within WB/SIDA Natural Resources Management and Poverty Reduction Project, (January 2004-March 2005), Ministry of nature protection of Armenia.

Dissertation 1:
The alteration of natural landscapes of lake Sevan basin by human factor
(Defense was on September 1997, "The Doctor of Geography" degree awarded on January 1998).

Dissertation 2:
Spatial-temporal alterations of forest geo-systems and problems of their management in the Republic of Armenia (Defense was on May 2011, "Doctor of Sciences (Geography)" degree award in January, 2012)

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Tabellarischer Lebenslauf

2005-to date Head of International Relations Department of Armenian
National Agrarian University (ANAU), Associate Professor at Forestry and Agro-ecology Departments of ANAU, Ministry of Education and Science of Armenia
Sep 2008-To date Associate Professor in the department of Physical Geography of Yerevan State University
Sep 2001– Nov 2005 Head of International Relations Division of Armenian
State Agrarian University (ASAU)
Lecturer at Agro-ecology and Forestry Departments of ASAU
Ministry of Education and Science of Armenia
Oct 1997– Aug 1999 Assistant to professor, Faculty of Geography
Yerevan State University(YSU), Ministry of Education and Science of Armenia
Aug 1999 –Aug 2001 Field inventory works for Forest Resources Assessment of Armenia and
Continuous qualification courses in Sweden, Denmark, Lithuania
Ministry of Nature Protection of Republic of Armenia
Sep 1997 – Aug 1999 Deputy Head, Hydrology and Water Resource Center
Hydro Meteorological Agency, Government of Republic of Armenia
1994-1997 Hydrologist and head of water forecasting division of Hydro Meteorological Agency, Government of Republic of Armenia

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